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Tired. Stressed. Harried. Struggling financially. Arrrggghhhh.

Those are the most common words on our friends’ Facebook statuses — and they’re mostly Christians. When life becomes this hard, our marriages can take a back seat to survival. We become just coworkers and housemates when we’re supposed to be so much more than that.

Marriage is the glue that holds our families together and we can’t afford to let it get all stiff and crusty, can we? Enter…

Marriage Retreat Online!

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We’ll meet once a week by webinar. You can see and hear us by webcam and you’ll be able to see our slides, too. But, you’ll also be able to chat with us privately and with the other attendees! We’ll be able to interact and answer your questions as we go along.

How to Fight Fair

Husbands and Wives Need Different Things

Communicating Again

Balancing the Workload

What Does Love Really Mean

Living Together in an Understanding Way

Saying I Love You in a Way They Hear


Our webinars are man-friendly, funny, practical and Biblical!

Swans Marriage Retreat Online

Spend some focused time regaining the spark, rediscovering each other, falling in love all over again! Register now! Only $35

Our next session will start on Thursday evenings starting January  16th at 9 pm EST and continues weekly until February 6th leading up to Valentine’s Day!

We have not yet scheduled our next session, but in the meantime, you can order the recordings, which come with a flash file of the entire webinar (video, slides and chat)!

Recorded and available to you in case you miss one.

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