Wondering if My Beloved and My Friend is for you? Read what other folks are saying about it:

Amanda Hopkins at Hopkins Homeschool: “I would recommend this book to everyone! When I say everyone, I mean, those who are still dating and not yet married, all the way up to those couples who have been married 30+ years and want to re-ignite their friendship with their spouse and best friend.”

Annie Kate Aarnoutse at Tea Time with Annie Kate: “My Beloved and My Friend by Hal and Melanie Young is a refreshing change from standard marriage books.  No psychobabble.  Honest and transparent stories from a couple that has been married for 26 years and friends for even longer.  Cheerful but realistic encouragement.  And, above all, careful Biblical explanations.”

Becca Carroll at C Family of 6:  “I LOVE THIS BOOK. Love it. Seriously, every married couple needs a copy of this book, especially the newlyweds who are getting used to living with someone else and putting someone else’s needs before their own.”

Candy Foote at Strategic Shopping: “One of the things I really enjoy about the Youngs is how they always make you feel like you are one of their long time friends that has just stopped by for coffee and conversation.”

NEW! Caroline Allen at The Modest Mom: “They tackled the difficult topic of submission in marriage with insight and tact…. They make it clear that they are not promoting some sort of egotistic submission, where whatever the man says goes, simply because he is the husband. There is a give and take in marriage, the husband and wife both mutually respect and love each other, and ultimately the husband is the head of the home, but he submits to God. I love good examples of submission done correctly in marriage.”

Crystal Blomgren at Created for Home: ” My Beloved and My Friend is a book that will help spur you to look for the good in your spouse, plant hope to seed into your marriage and give you the tools to buck the trends of our society.”

Danielle Foltz at Raising Little Rhodies: “Hal & Melanie’s book left me hungering more for Jesus and wanting to have a deeper relationship with my spouse.  We were friends first but sometimes in the guts of life it’s easy to lose sight of that.  To get caught up in the surviving.  I love that Hal & Melanie are reminding couples like us that love is an action.”

Dave Buller at Christian First:”Faith should impact your behavior.  This one truth, emphasized repeatedly in the Bible, prompts Jesus’ followers to adopt Jesus’ priorities and Jesus’ behaviors in our human relationships.  In this book, Hal and Melanie seize this understanding and seek to apply it to the covenant relationship of marriage.”

Debra Brinkman at Footprints in the Butter: “Hal & Melanie Young have written another fabulous and much-needed book, My Beloved and My Friend: How to Stay Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses.  Brilliant book.  Of course it is; I knew it would be.  They are the folks behind Great Waters Press, the ones who wrote Raising Real Men.  (That link is to the review I wrote nearly three years ago.)  I loved that book, and I knew I’d get a lot from this one too.”

Erin at Water on the Floor: “If you have a group of couples to get together, this book would make such a fantastic book study. You will all be blessed by reading it and together figuring out how you can apply the principles they discuss in your own lives…I’m telling you…this book is wonderful!”

Isabelle Lussier at Canadianladybug Reviews: “Now the book is a jewel in itself because I find that many marriages would need to read the words include in this book.   Actually, I seriously think that engaged couples should read it together in order to start on the right foot on their walk together.”

Jan Burt, author of the Homeschooling Mother’s Bible Study at her blog: “I’m not sure which topic covered in My Beloved and My Friend would qualify as my favorite; it’s so full of good, solid, tried-and-true marriage advice I doubt I can pick one favorite section! ”

Jennifer Simpson at My Own Green Grass: “Having been married for 27 years themselves, they have been through a lot of different circumstances in order to bring a personal feel to this book, which I love.”

Kimberly Huff at Natural Beach Living: “This book was hard to put down, I have pages dog eared, I have highlighted sections that I want to return to and I’ve shared several great passages with my husband. I love how Hal and Melanie Young shared their private life and the struggles that they have gone through. I felt like I was a special friend that they were confiding in and in return I was learning so much about myself.”

Laurie Bostwick at Our Abundant Blessings: “This book felt more like a conversation with friends than a how-to manual. This is not a “rekindle your romance” kind of book. It’s also not a “here’s why you fight, now work around it” kind of book. It’s a straightforward story of how two sinners, saved by Grace, live out their marriage convenant while being best friends. It’s the perfect kind of marriage book. 

Leah Mastilock at Sandy Toes Creations discusses how she wrestles with the idea of submission: “The answers are from scripture and explained in a way anyone can understand and apply them. And written by people who understand! Who have lived through some of the worst storms and are still holding strong to each other.”

Lexi Henegar at Lextin Academy: “I had a hard time putting this book down.  It’s just such an easy read that feels like a 1-on-1 conversation with the authors as they share their hearts.  They’ve included numerous anecdotes about their marriage, their children, their family life. ”

Lisa Boyle at Home to 4 Kiddos: “I am not a fan of “marriage” books, or at least I wasn’t until I read this one. ”

Kristi Kerr at Potter’s Hand Academy: ” I don’t think there is any couple that really couldn’t benefit in some way from My Beloved and My Friend.”

Lynnae at Freelance Homeschool Mom: “I love how Hal and Melanie pulled together Biblical principles of marriage and made them easy to read and simple to understand.”

Martianne Stanger at Training Happy Hearts: “My Beloved and My Friend, How To Be Married To Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses provides chapter after chapter of scripturally-based insight, inspiration and encouragement from two folks who do not sugar-coat their own experiences and insights in an effort to inspire and encourage others.”

Michele Pleasants at Family, Faith, and Fridays: “Oh friends, those are only a small sample of the life changing words in this book.  I clung to every word.  I want to share it with my children and I want to share it with all of my friends, single and married.”

Miranda Hupp at The Pebble Pond: “I walked away from this book feeling revived. It is so easy to just live. To just go about the day to day and forget how wonderful being best friends with your husband can actually be! I loved that Hal and Melanie gave real life examples. I also loved that they did not shy away from controversial topics.”

Mrs. White at Legacy of Home: “The tone of the book is open, friendly, conversational – mixed with some powerful lessons, and incredible insight.”

Phyllis Sather, author of Purposeful Planning at her blog: “Hal and Melanie have a way of writing that makes you feel as though you are sitting down and having a conversation with them. What they write is solid. What they write is Biblical. What they write actually works and is doable. They don’t pull punches or just try to make you feel good. They handle delicate issues with Biblical responses. Since we know that God’s word never returns void, we know that this book will change lives.”

Renata at Sunnyside Farm Fun: “Even though I can confidently say I am indeed married to my best friend, I found this book full of wonderful advice. There are so many things I will remember for the next time the turbulent storms attempt to sway this God-ordained relationship and there are some ideas to put into place now to prevent future heart ache.”

Sarah Avila at My Joy-Filled Life: “If you want a Christ-centered, Bible-based guide to marriage, this is it!”

Sharon Burroughs at Burroughs Tribe: “My Beloved and My Friend, unlike other books on marriage I have read, do not divide the married couple into man vs. woman….Hal and Melanie Young begin by building a foundation of oneness. ”

Sheila Quach at Manic Mom: ” After Reading this wonderful Marriage “toolbox” together with my Dear Hubby we can see that we don’t lack “Love”, we lack “Friendship”.  We have lost touch of one another.  Instead of keeping Our heads down and doing the Daily Life thing, we need to Carve out Our Time.  We need to Go back 16 years where it all started and rekindle the Friendship we Once had. Has it worked??  I say it has and he will agree with me.”

Sheri at Sheri Graham: “Over the years I have read quite a few “marriage” books, but this one stood out to me above the rest. I think it was because Hal and Melanie address some issues that married couples face that I don’t remember being dealt with in the other books.”

Stephanie Dakin at MomKaboodle: “Who Is This Book For? Anyone who is married, is about to be married or plans to get married one day!”

Steve Blackston at Husband of a Homeschool Mom: “Noth­ing is held back as they use God’s word to show a clear path to being a Godly cou­ple and hav­ing a mar­riage that show it as well.”

Tabitha Zehner at The Homeschool Four: “I’ve read a few marriage books ~ no, actually I haven’t. I’ve purchased a few books, read a few pages, got bored with them, and got rid of them. My Beloved and My Friend is different than all those other marriage books I’ve come across.”

Tara Mitchell of This Sweet Life of Mine: “I’m not typically a fan of these kinds of  books. But, this one is fabulous! I highly recommend this for all married couples, and I think all engaged couples should read it before the wedding.”

Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker: “My husband and I are truly blessed with a best-friend kind of marriage. But I was still inspired and challenged by this book.”

NEW! Tiffany DeOs at The Crafty Home: “Tons of great info on not just being your husband’s lover but his friend and not just his friend but his best friend. … This book is one I think every married couple and engaged couple should read.”

Tonia at The Sunny Patch: “I really appreciate how transparent Hal and Melanie are in this book – detailing their own issues and obstacles and how they worked through them to create an even stronger relationship.”